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    Indoor Brew


    Joe's House

    Saturday, January 21st I will be brewing a batch of American Brown Ale on my simple stove top all-grain system. Mash-in will happen at 10am sharp. You are welcome to arrive anytime after 9:30am. Food will be served around 1pm. Parking will be pretty tight, so please carpool where feasible. Please remember to bring your own glass.
    This event will also serve as yet another opportunity for people to taste the results of the Old Ale Barrel Project Brew. There will be plenty on hand. Everyone attending is welcome to sample it and don't be shy. 
    If you haven't seen my brewing setup before, here's a pic. It's a 3 vessel, full volume boil, 5 gallon batch system. There are no pumps or ATCs. Just a whole bunch of gravity, love, and attention.
    Brew Setup