BAMO Login Link

BAMO’s are for members only.
The BAMO will stay open until the pallet fills up (give or take 2000lbs).
When it’s getting close to filling up, we will update the prices and send a notification so that you can change your order if you wish.
Once the BAMO closes you will receive an email with payment information. PayPal when notified.  Notification is sent when the order is placed, so it will be a while.
Delivery info will follow after the order is placed. Lately it’s been happening at Daniel’s workplace after hours.
Just keep in mind the BAMO is meant as a way to get your bulk grains, so you need to plan ahead what you’ll need for the next 6 months, as we have an order every 3 to 4 months only.

BAMO is currently OPEN and will close when the pallet fills up (right close to 2000 lbs).